Anti-Gun Groups Are the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Gun Rights and Gun Sales in America!

Obama and his anti-gun thugs push for gun control in this country has resulted in history making record sales in guns and ammunition. You would think other anti-gun activists would get it that the harder they push to strip Americans of their gun rights, the more determined Americans are to buy guns, train, and fight back. Take gun control advocate Shannon Watts for example. Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action and co-founder of Everytown for Gun Safety alongside former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has blindly chased one target after another, setting her sight picture on people and businesses she really knows nothing about.

Case in point, At the NRA convention, during Watts protest rally (which was a joke by the way) she was approached by a man who asked to have his photo taken with her. She was all smiles and agreed then her mood changed dramatically when she found out who the man was.

The man in the photo is Tod Kauranen, the design director of the gun stock manufacturer Slide Fire. Watts and Slide Fire have clashed before, when she led an unsuccesful attempt to remove a Slide Fire billboard. It seems Watts efforts to destroy Slide Fire’s busines have had the opposite effect that what she intended.

All the publicity of the clash really gave Slide Fire and the firearm industry a boost.

Business has been better than ever!

Kaureanen says he just wanted to say thanks to her for all the publicity for his company..

“Keep it up, because it has been doing great,” Kauranen reportedly replied.

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