Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Being prepared is the best defense against any disaster. As we enter another hurricane season, it’s important to have a fully stocked disaster supply kit, have an emergency plan for your family, and have a list of local emergency management contacts. It is also time to consider protecting your home by purchasing flood insurance, if you are not already covered. Even if you live outside a 100-year floodplain, purchasing flood insurance is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself against the potential financial loss that can happen during a catastrophic flooding event.

As we saw with Harvey last year, these types of storms can devastate entire communities. I encourage you to visit the Preparing for Hurricane Season page on my website and to download FEMA’s "How to Prepare for a Hurricane" guide and the ReadyHarris app in the App Store or Google Play. The ReadyHarris app delivers real-time weather alerts, hosts a step-by-step guide to building a personalized family disaster plan, offers survival tip sheets, maps evacuation routes and locates local emergency services.

Please contact my Houston office at (713) 682-8828 with any questions as you prepare for hurricane season, or if you’re a Harvey survivor and need help with a federal agency. 


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