Are You Ready For A Government Mental Health Exam To Purchase A Gun?

Constitution in the Cross-hairsBeware of any requirement designed to determine your mental health if you have no previous record of mental health problems. Determining one’s mental health to purchase or own a firearm would depend upon your answers to a list of questions formulated by the government.

The spiritual and political mindset of those formulating the questions would be strictly subjective.

If your answers would be of like-mind, spiritually, socially, and politically with the examiner who formulated the questions, then you would pass. Otherwise, you could be declared ‘unfit’ to own a gun and be ordered to turn over to the government any gun you may already have.

How would you answer these Questions:

  • Are you a Christian?
  • Do you consider non-Christians a threat to the First Amendment right to freedom of worship and speech?
  • Do you believe Muslims in America should be permitted to enforce Sharia Law rather than abiding by America’s laws?
  • Do you favor same-sex marriage?
  • Do you believe the Constitution should be interpreted in keeping with the modern-day culture?
  • Do you believe global warming is caused by greenhouse gases? 
  • Do you believe Americans should be bound by United Nations resolutions and treaties?
  • Do you believe a woman’s right to abortion supercedes the unborn child’s right to life?
  • Do you agree that women should serve in front-line combat alongside men?
  • Do you believe America should welcome those who cross our borders illegally?
  • Do you believe governmental regulations on your choice of food and drink is in the best interest of your health?
  • Do you believe the federal government’s Affordable Health Care plan is the best answer for providing good health care for all Americans? 
  • Do you believe America’s present foreign policy is the way to bring peace to the world?
  • Do you believe the carrying of firearms should be prohibited in schools, shopping malls, public buildings, and hospitals?

How would you like to have some person, who holds political views contrary to yours, grading your answers to determine if it is safe for you to own a firearm?

Good Ways to control gun violence on university campuses and in public schools:

  1. Gun Free Zone signs should be removed from school zones, shopping malls, hospitals, and public buildings. Gun Free Zone signs might as well read, “No defense against killers in this gun free zone.”
  2. Qualified school teachers should be permitted to carry their guns in public schools and on university campuses. This is less expensive and more effective than having a uniformed security guard who could be taken down first. No shooter would know which teachers are armed. The more the better!
  3. Parents need to store guns away from childrens’ reach, teach them gun safety and monitor the video games they play.
  4. If older children show signs of drug use or mental problems, keep guns away from them and do not teach them how to shoot.

If you believe our founding fathers, in their wisdom and experience with authoritarian governments, wrote the Second Amendment to protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms as a means of personal defense and as a defense against a tyrannical government, then you need to flood the offices of our U.S. Senators and Representatives to VOTE NO ON ANY NEW GUN REGULATIONS. The Senator Feinstein gun ban bill is a first step toward ultimate gun confiscation and must be defeated!

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There is an order that a US soldier may disobey, and in fact may get chastised if s/he obeys it. If a commanding officer walks up to a soldier and says "give me your rifle," the correct response is "No Sir!"

And just what is the Department of Homeland Security doing with over 1 billion rounds of ammunition, many of them hollowpoint? Their own webpage says:
  • Training requires the use of approximately 15 million rounds of ammunition annually.
  • The ammunition includes lead projectiles and reduced hazard (environmentally friendly) ammunition.
  • The reduced hazard ammunition accounts for approximately 70 percent of the ammunition expended for training.
So why 1,000,000, 000 rounds purchased?

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