Are You Serious, Really?

I can imagine the conversation between the French President and our President after the Paris massacre.

Hollande: “Mr. President, what are we going to do about ISIS?”

Obama: “Let's not overreact. We must remember we have to deal with climate change.”

Hollande: “Mr. President, I am as opposed to man-made climate change as the next guy, but I was hoping that maybe we could send foreign legions and your Marines and simply kick ISIS butt.”

Obama: “Ah, we must show those ISIS thugs that we won’t let anything get in the way of saving the planet, even for them.”

I don’t know if this is how the conversation between the French President and our President went but listening to Obam, you have to wonder, what alternative universe is our president living in. I mean what president would declare climate change the big security issue of our time when ISIS is simply slaughtering people around the world from bases in Syria and Iraq, which were established on Obama’s watch. We can discuss Russia, the coming hegemony of Iran over the Middle East, or China's aggressiveness in the Western Pacific as other serious international issues that will plague not just Obama over the final year of his term but the next President.

Obama declared that pursuing the climate change conference would send a message to ISIS leaving the question, what message? ISIS's view is that the President is not a serious leader, and if he wants to pretend that he can change weather, then ISIS's thinking is be my guest while we make ourselves even stronger.

Putin has to be thinking the same thing and while he found out the Turks are willing to defend what they perceive as their interest in the Middle East, he is just as certain that United States will not.

Any diplomat who views climate change as the number one security issue is not serious, and we have quite a few unserious diplomats who simply live in a fantasy world that somehow they are going to find the right temperature for our planet. This is a point that I have made for the past several months, ISIS is the direct results of Barack Obama's policies. No matter how you view the world today, Obama inherited a safer world than what the next President will inherit. That is no longer a debatable point, but will the American people remember that next November when they go to polls when the Democrats nominate one of the architects of this disastrous policy, Hillary Clinton?

And any candidate who begins a speech, “The most important national security issue is man-made climate change,” is not worthy of the Presidency. Period!


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