Argument for Man being the primary mover behind Climate change debunked by Climate Alarmist!

The argument for man being the primary mover behind climate change is being debunked by the very studies provided by the believers in man being the primary mover behind climate change. That is right, climate alarmists are realizing that their computer models fail to predict the present climate pattern and are starting to look for excuses. Nature may play a role is their conclusion.

The blogs Watts up With That and The Hockey Schtick came up with at least 52 studies conducted by climate alarmists (a list that keeps growing by the day). Many of the studies conclude that interaction with natural events mitigates human activities upon climate. What these studies have done is to reinforce what climate realists have stated all along: that there are natural events affecting climate change.

The significance is two-fold, the first being that many alarmists have to now admit that their computer models have serious problems in predicating future climate. The second is that alarmists have to admit that natural events are a significant factor in climate change, if they are being intellectually honest. The debate has now shifted to what extent man interacts with natural events to affect climate change, the position that climate realists have expressed all along.

Meanwhile, the climate alarmists are going overtime to push their agenda. What we are finding out is that their agenda is not about saving the planet Earth but just another excuse to end capitalism as our economic model. The recent march in New York saw more signs about social justice and the evil of capitalism than about climate change. For those of us who have followed this debate for the past couple of decades. This is no surprise but as their science implodes, the more desperate they become.

One of their favorite tactics is to simply lie about their opponents; and one way they do this is through the use of the word climate denier, with the implication of comparing climate realists with Holocaust deniers. The problem with this argument is that climate realists don’t deny climate change is occurring but dispute that there is scientific proof that human activities are the prime mover behind the present climate change.

There are some 1900 studies with some 700 scientists at some 400 institutions with studies showing that the present climate change has occurred in the past, including the past 1000 years, but climate alarmists deny this. Climate alarmists view the planet earth being run by a thermostat and all we have to do is adjust our energy policy and voila, we have the perfect climate. (Of course, no one really knows what the ideal climate is or even the correct amount of CO2 levels, but that is another debate for another time.)

It is the climate alarmists who act like mini-Fascists as in the recent march Robert Kennedy called for the imprisonment of the Koch brothers, and this is not the first time this has occurred among alarmists. Kennedy is but the latest who claims that realist are criminals for committing treason against nature. Among those who have called for a Nuremberg trial for climate realists includes former NASA scientist James Hansen. Again that Nazis-Realist connection. But it is the alarmist who uses cherry picked data to rewrite climate history which is the equal of writing about Hitler and not mentioning the holocaust. It is alarmists who demand their opponents be jailed or exiled from the public square.

New scientific ideas occur all the time, and old scientific ideas are forever being challenged and sometimes reversed. What we know or believe is different than what we believed a generation back since new evidence is coming forth. Recent science is challenging the alarmist world view and instead of engaging in the debate, the alarmists seek to silence debate by equating their opponents to mini-Nazis. Only they are the ones who behave like mini-Nazis.


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