Armed Agents, Guns Pointed at American Citizens: America’s New Normal

Armed Federal Agents Pointing Guns at American Citizens, Over MONEY!

A year ago… I told you our Department of Justice and the IRS were out of control… that our country was moving in the direction of a police state with these agencies using para military Gestapo tactics, raiding small businesses across the country and most importantly, pointing guns at innocent citizens accused of no crimes ….. pointing loaded guns at citizens whose bosses were accused of non violent white collar crimes… i.e. tax mistakes.

Since when is it okay for the IRS and Justice Department to point loaded guns at Americans over tax issues?

And now… its guns pointed at citizens over grass.. Government agents with loaded guns pointing at non violent Americans is now the new normal…

Did you know, it has been a year, and none of the people in this video have been convicted of any crimes, yet the lives and businesses of all of them have been destroyed.

The raid on Bundy’s ranch was called off… but the government is not finished with him yet… what they have in store for him will make rounding up his cattle at gun point look like a tea party… and guess what…

YOU may be next. What the government does to a few of us… they will eventually do to all of us who have something they want.

This has to stop. ©2014 JAN MORGAN 


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