Arrington: Senate Republicans Helping Democrats Pass Big Spending Bill in Lame Duck is “Indefensible and Inexcusable”

This $1.8 trillion, 4,155-page bill is a fiscal abomination. 

With $31 trillion in debt and a looming financial crisis, Democrat leadership is choosing to fund big labor unions, a running trail named after Michelle Obama, climate research, LGBTQ museums in New York City, welfare without work expansion, and more Green New Deal subsidies. 

This bill fails to spend a dime on the unprecedented security crisis at our southern border while offering tens of billions of additional aid to Ukraine and millions of dollars in legal services to detained illegal immigrants. 

We have the highest debt in our nation’s history and are on track to add another $16 trillion over the next decade. Meanwhile, Republicans in the Senate are working to help Democrats pass another big spending bill in a lame duck session – indefensible and inexcusable.


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