Austin Goes Off The Rails On Public Safety

It seems clear, the people's republic of Austin, led by an all leftist City Council, voted to drastically cut police funding by more than 1/3 of the budget, $150 million.

Unlike some cities that reallocated funds for social workers, or safety services, they sent some of the money to abortion access and other non-public safety items. I guess because abortions help public safety.

So let's see, while Austin is growing by leaps and bounds, the fools that run the City are taking a meat ax to things like: the 911 call center; Forensic Sciences (keys to investigations); police community partnership; victim’s services; internal affairs (to root out bad cops); traffic enforcement; park police lake patrol; and nuisance abatement, among other things. Services that sound important for quality of life.

Does this make Austin safer, does it improve the Austin Police Department so it does a better job of interacting with the public?

No, and these leftist councilmen are the same ones that want to end your right to defend yourself via the Second Amendment. When are the voters of Austin going to wake up and elect at least some level-headed people to its City Council?

Does Austin really want to be as lawless and mob ruled as Seattle, Chicago, New York, or Portland? What should be done now is recall the crazies on Council, because the citizens of Austin should be “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”


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