Ballot Fraud In Texas

Please don't dismiss so quickly that just because Donald Trump won Texas that there wasn't an attempt to game the system.

Through the diligent work of people like Attorney General Ken Paxton, State Senator Paul Bettencourt, Dr. Steven Hotze and his allies', attempts to steal votes were in many ways thwarted.

Most important now is the future. In Texas and other states, the 2005 bipartisan report on Federal Election Reform, known as the Carter-Baker Commission, needs to be implemented before the 2022 elections.

The Commission's suggestions:

  1. Mail-in voters and ballot harvesting: Ban third parties/political operatives from collecting ballots.
  2. Nationwide voter ID standards: They recommend states require voters to use the Real ID card, including provisions for voter ID on mail-in ballots.
  3. Mandate updated voter registration lists yearly: This makes perfect sense. All states should be required to maintain accurate voting lists, purging the lists regularly by matching deaths, driver's licenses, tax rolls, felony records and of non-citizens who declare themselves same when summoned for jury duty.
  4. Election Observers: Observers properly credentialed should be given full access to the entire voting and vote counting process. Not social distancing observers.
  5. Reliable voting machines that can't be hacked or manipulated.

These reforms are a start in reducing election cheating. Hopefully, Texas will take the lead in 2021. Now is the time, not next year or the year after.


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