Battling State of The City of Houston Speeches, The Good News You Can Believe Your Own Eyes and Ears

Houston we have a problem. Let's take a quick glance of the areas for concern!

1. Crime across the board is up since Mayor Turner took office.

2. The Houston homeless crisis continues with more vagrants, street panhandlers, tent cities, and worst of all, human waste soiling our city.

3. The Mayor's office continues to grow in significant numbers while basic city services deteriorate.

4. The City is not prepared for the next Hurricane Harvey with the continued diversion of Renew Houston (Drainage) funds that is well documented. The most recent flood in May took place in Kingwood a few weeks ago and it was devastating yet again.

5. The City infrastructure continues to deteriorate with street spending cut by 29% on Sylvester Turner's watch! The Mayor's pothole program is a joke with fewer than 59% of the potholes being filled as compared to Mayor Parker.

6. And finally, while revenue for the City is up over $475 million since 2015, under Mayor Turner we are running the largest operating deficit in the history of Houston, or in simple language, we are overspending and digging deeply into the City's critical reserves. Keep it up and they will soon be gone.

So the real question is, are we better off in the City of Houston today as compared to December 2015? The answer is clear - no way.


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