Ben Carson to Congress: Exercise Your Authority or Be Run Over

Dr. Ben Carson told a group of more than 7,000 evangelical Christians and political activists that Congress must stand up and exercise its power given to it by the Constitution or face being run over by an out of control executive branch and legislative branch. He challenged congressional leaders to find courage in dealing with the current administration and judicial activism.

Dr. Jack Graham, moderator of the Faith and Freedom Coalition Presidential Candidate Forum, asked Carson about his new book, “A More Perfect Union,” which is focused on the U.S. Constitution. Carson said he believes this election will show people that we have more to choose from than the established political class. “The people are supposed to have a say in how they live,” Carson stated. He said he hopes his campaign will encourage others into citizen governance. He said that only then will we “have a wide selection of very good people to choose from.”

Regarding international terrorism, Dr. Graham asked Carson about his decision-making processes when awakened by the 2 a.m. emergency call. Carson quipped, “I’m used to those,” referring to late-night phone calls. The audience laughed and he then went into discussing his experience in building teams of experts.

Carson explained that an executive must have thought through plans and processes in advance of emergencies and that they must have great advisers. He said he would rely on core teams with great wisdom and would have different core teams for different situations.

He said he can help bring this nation back together because, “I talk about American things,” not Republican and Democrat things. He said he would work on building relationships before trouble begins in now racially divided communities.

He also discussed the financial situation of the country and the immorality of burdening future generations with debt. “You would laugh at anyone promising free college for everyone,” Carson said. Sadly, he said, most people are not aware of just how unstable the economic foundation of the country is at this time.

Carson discussed the dangers faced by an aging electrical grid. He said me must develop multiple layers of energy. He also said we must get back into space. “He who controls space, controls the Earth,” he explained. He discussed the innovation that comes to Americans through space research and the massive expense we pay the Russians simply putting American astronauts on the international space station.

In his discussion of how faith impacted and changed his life, Carson told a story of his mother who, as a single mother, prayed for wisdom in raising her two boys. She insisted on weekly book reports from Carson and his brother. He later learned she could not read the reports but her discipline instilled his love for learning.

He then talked about his uncontrollable temper as a young man. At one point, he described a fight he got into with another man where he actually stabbed the man with a knife because of his rage. Fortunately, the man was wearing a large metal belt buckle that broke the blade. The man safely fled, but Carson was shocked at what happened because of his temper.

He said he prayed for two hours and read Bible verses about anger and temper. He said he learned that his violent outbursts were not strength, but were actually weakness. He said that was the last time he ever had an outburst of anger.

He said people often tell him that he has just learned to suppress the anger. Carson said he responds, God doesn’t just do a paint job, he fixes things.”

Dr. Carson discussed the National Prayer Breakfast event that thrust him onto the national stage. He said it was his second time to speak at the event. The only other person to do that was the Rev. Billy Graham. He said he knew then, that God was up to something.

“He opened the doors,” Carson said of God. He explained that running for president was never on his “bucket list.” He said if the door remains open, he will continue to walk, but if it closes, he is ready to sit down.

“It is time to bring God back into our country,” Carson stated. “Our faith gives us our freedom.”

He said the Constitution was based on limiting government and referenced faith. “If only we would follow it, we’d be just fine,” Carson quipped.

When asked by Dr. Graham about what kind of judges he would appoint, he followed a similar philosophy as his fellow Republican candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz. He said that we must look for judges who actually understand the Constitution “as demonstrated by their prior actions” and not just in an interview.

He said that the people and organizations that judges and lawyers associate with and their prior rulings and decisions reveal much about how they would behave in future positions.

Originally published on Breitbart Texas.


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