The Best and the Worst of CD21 Candidates

Early voting has begun for the Primary Election on March 6, the day Republicans decide who will be the nominees against the dark side, the Democratic Party. There will probably be many runoff elections in May. One of those most likely will be in Congressional District 21. This district alone has over 800,000 constituents and 18 candidates to choose from.

Constituents need to think about what we want Congress to do. Do we want Congress to continue gridlock or do we want Congress to move forward and actually accomplish what the people want. I can tell you gridlock doesn’t sit well with most Americans. Republicans do not have 60 votes in the Senate and President Donald Trump is doing his best to negotiate what works best for our country. We need a strong representative in the US House that can help move America forward.

I have already sent out my recommendations as to the top four: Francisco Quico Canseco, Jason Isaac, Susan Narvaiz and Chip Roy. Hopefully the top two for the Run Off election will come from these candidates. But there are voters that may vote for those that sound good, yet deceive the public. After attending 4 CD21 Candidates Forums, in Bexar County, Kendall County, Travis-Hays Counties and Comal County and speaking to most of the candidates and listening to their 1 to 4 minute speeches, it was time to select the Best and the Worst.

Canseco is an experienced and knowledgeable candidate. Because of redistricting he has lived in CD21 and CD23 residing in the same home. He served in congress before in CD23 and understands what it takes to influence colleagues. He has worked on a Balanced Budget Amendment and knows it is crucial to vote for life. I asked him about overturning Rose vs Wade:

The US Supreme Court must overturn Roe v. Wade on the basis of the 5th and 14th Amendments. Failing that, our Constitution requires an amendment defining Human Life and Human Rights that attach at the moment of conception. Some say that the issue of life belongs with the individual states, however, since the federal government protects life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness the issue of life is squarely a federal issue, to be resolved at the constitutional level, imposed upon all states and all Americans.

His Ratings when he served in Congress were excellent:
2012 National Association of Manufacturers - Positions of 112th Congress 95%
2011 -2012 National Right to Life Committee 100%
2011 -2012 Concerned Women for America – Positions 93%
NRA – A rating

Isaac serves in the Texas House in HD45 and represents approximately 167,000 constitutions. He will also represent us well as he has worked to pass bills, like the Convention of States, banning Sanctuary Cities and Prolife. At a Meet and Greet I attended for him on February 11, he told his supporters that he would work towards a Convention of States to bring about a Balance Budget Amendment in Congress. On immigration reform, Isaac believes that children from Mexico adopted by Americans and that those serving our military and honorably discharged should be given citizenship. He will fight Sanctuary Cities and says that we need more agents on the ground and more technology to stop illegal entry into our country. He is against amnesty. He will vote to Defund PP and will support all prolife bills. He respects President Trump and is in total agreement with the 3,000 or so regulations that the Trump Administration has cut. His voting records and ratings can be seen at
He has an A rating in the NRA

Narvaiz is running as the Most Conservative candidate in this race. A rating she earned from iVoterGuide. This guide does not endorse any candidate and rates candidates based on their answers to the questions presented. They also do research on the individual candidate. She has run against Democrat Lloyd Doggett in the past and understands hard work. She served as the mayor of San Marcos for 6 years, 2004-2010. She resides in CD21 and is the only female in the race that is a traditional conservative.

Roy is endorsed by US Senator Ted Cruz and has served as his Chief of Staff. I attended a Meet and Greet for him on February 11. He addressed his supporters by commenting that, “Seeking status when you go to congress you’ve already lost and are not representing the people.” He was asked if he was beholden to any one of his donors, and he answered that he was not. He did say that he is receiving contributions from outside Texas by conservative donors. He is committed to giving reinforcements to the people in Congress, his former boss, Ted Cruz. And because he lives outside the district said, “Lines can change principles don’t!”

At the Travis-Hays forum, Roy laid out his thoughts on DACA.
We are talking about DACA because of another illegal presidential order (President Obama) not the Dreamers because the Dream Act kept failing because the people in Congress knew that we can’t give a path to citizenship to kids who came here illegally and if we keep referring to it as DACA we are accepting president’s illegal order. Keep in mind that when we fight this issue every single time it gets bigger and bigger beyond kids, it comes to sisters, cousins, it comes to 30 year olds and 40 year olds we must stop that.

I was a little surprised that he mentioned he was happy to receive the endorsement of NumbersUSA since this group started as a population control group. Because he has not served in the Texas House or Senate or in the US Congress there is no voting record. He has an Aq rating in the NRA.

Whenever there is a huge list of candidates as in this race, it never fails that there are those that want to deceive the public or fail to be transparent. It will be interesting to see how many votes the following will garner:

Jenifer Sarver lives in the most Liberal county in the state, Travis County. She wrote an article supporting Hillary Clinton in the presidential election of 2016. ‘Can a Prolife Christian support Hillary Clinton?’ This article came out in the Dallas News October 16, 2016.

At the Travis-Hays forum she was asked point blank if she had voted for Hillary Clinton and her response was YES! She claims to be Prolife, but voting for the icon of abortion wipes that notion out.

Matt McCall is notorious for delivering half-truths and uses humor to engage his audience. At the Travis-Hays forum he stated that: The first thing I will do when I enter Congress is to introduce legislation declaring that life begins at conception and attached to that will be a judicial stripping measure. Article 3 of the Constitution allows the legislature to determine what the courts cannot review and you can strip it from their purview. It is absurd that the Republicans have not used this to protect life and to protect the sanctity of marriage.

I would say that being our representative in CD21 is above his pay grade. He has no record of substance. He has never served as an elected official, in any leadership position in the Republican Party or in the community. Yes, he may have some name identity because he ran against Congressman Lamar Smith the last two times but his only claim was that Smith had been in office too long.

William Negley is being supported by business mogul Red McCombs and if you understand SA then you know that business is the only goal. Family values are lost in San Antonio. Negley has not given a clear assessment of his personal voting record. It appears that ‘Citizens for a Strong America, Inc.’ are supporting Negley with attack ads depicting Roy as a swamp lizard via mailers and ads on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a shame that this type of juvenile material is being used in an attempt to win.

Negley’s mantra is that he is a Terrorist Hunter! I have to smile a little when his ad says, “Terrorists Fear him!”

Please make sure you vote, know who you are voting for and bring a friend with you.
Vote for LIFE!


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