Bexar County Precinct Chairs nominate GRANT MOODY for COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 3

On July 8, 2022, the Assembly Hall at Aggie Park was filled with excitement as the 105 Precinct Chairs that reside in commissioner’s precinct 3 met in special session to vote on who would be the Republican nominee for Commissioner of Precinct 3 on the November ballot.   There were plenty of guests and supporters who came to witness the special election.

A vacancy occurred when the elected commissioner resigned to run for county judge. Marialyn Barnard was appointed by Progressive Judge Nelson Wolf to fill the position until the general election.  She was seen as a continuation of the status quo. There were nine candidates vying for the position and only three were perceived as having a chance to defeat the incumbent:  Carlton Soules a former San Antonio city councilman, Patrick Von Dohlen a strong advocate on social issues (which is lacking in Commissioner’s Court) and Grant Moody, while not new to politics is a newcomer to the election process. 

It took three rounds of voting to reach the final round leaving Moody and Barnard in a runoff.  By the fourth round only two precinct chairs had dropped out leaving 103 to vote.  When eliminated, the two strong contenders Soules and Von Dohlen both endorsed Moody to give him the overwhelming win.   The count on the last round for the nomination was Barnard 28, Moody 74 and Jesus 1.  Only 53 votes were needed to win. This left no doubt that the Wolf legacy died in Commissioners Court Precinct 3.  

Barnard was gracious in her defeat.  It was good to see that considering the Republicans must unite to fight the real enemy, the Progressives, in November. 

Moody has a very impressive resume.  He is a graduate of the Naval Academy and became a Marine F-18 fighter pilot.  He is a decorated combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan providing air support as a combat pilot during the Iraq surge. 

He is currently the Director of Innovation for the largest independent refiner in the world, Valero Energy.  His endorsements included former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U. S. Congressman Chip Roy.  According to his flyer, Moody vows to Fund the Police, Protect our families, Make Bexar County Red again, and Fix our broken finances.  He is married and has three children.  It appears he has a huge undertaking to accomplish. 

You might say that the hero of the night was Soules who stood up and boldly stated facts about Barnard’s voting record which were totally in agreement with Wolf.   This was the turning point to end her hopes for nomination.  Soules, told me, “Obviously I’m disappointed in having lost but in some respects the bigger battle was won.  I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help remove the wolf influence from county government.  I’m confident Moody will do a great job.” 

Von Dohlen a true conservative who actively promotes conservatism and is a loud voice for social issues said to me, “Unfortunately, I came in 4th last night. Yet, as soon as I was eliminated I told Grant Moody he had my support to share in his 2-minute speech so that he could beat Barnard in the final round. He then went over to Carlton Soules who also had been eliminated and asked him, Carlton did the same. It helped enhance Grant's momentum and in the last vote achieved more than the majority needed to win. The Conservatives in the Bexar GOP won last night despite the attempts by the local political establishment to keep the "good ole boy" syndrome and status quo going.”

The precinct chairs did their job to elect someone who will actively fight for conservative values and stop the wild spending and liberal appointments to committees. The rest now lays on Moody to enact his conservative promises to the district. 

The election results will be turned in to the Texas Secretary of State by August 29.Kudos to the precinct chairs and wishing Grant Moody the best in accomplishing his mission to turn Bexar County Red again





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