Is Bill Clinton really confessing his thoughts about how Obama treated Hillary why you should vote for Romney in this election? (VIDEO)

Did Bill Clinton actually make this confession? He was spotted in the Penn Quarter neighborhood of Washington, DC last week and had something to say to fellow Americans. It was a confession. Wow. See it for yourself. Its about women, voting and what it takes to be President of the USA. His message may surprise you!

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Full Transcript of video: Listen, I have a confession to make. As you know, Ive been flying around all over the country giving speeches, helping President Obama get reelected in these final days of the campaign, but my conscience has finally gotten the best of me, and I feel compelled to come clean with the American people about how I really feel about President Obama. When I saw what he did to my wife in that Libya situation, I feel like he threw her right under the bus. I mean is this how he treats all women? And candidly, I think he didnt have the experience to be President. You know I was Governor at least before I got there. I think he was in over his head, and I think hes taking the country in the wrong direction, and thats why its time to change. Now, what I want you to do is to go into that voting booth and pull the lever for Mitt Romney and look for Hillary to run in 2016.

Bill greets Dawit on K Street

Lisa Akin stops for a picture with Bob as Bill


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