Bill Containing Language to Help the Port of Corpus Christi Heading to House Floor

I have authored language in a bipartisan bill, passed by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Wednesday, that would provide the Coast Guard authority to reimburse the Port of Corpus Christi for the installation of aids to navigation (ATONs) performed on its behalf.

When the La Quinta channel was completed, ATONs, such as buoys and beacons, were not installed and rather than experience a costly delay, the Port of Corpus Christi decided to perform the work. The Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2017, H.R. 2518, will authorize the Coast Guard to reimburse the Port for the work performed.

This will help get the necessary aids to navigation faster and cheaper, which will improve safety and increase the capacity of not only the Port of Corpus Christi, but all ports.

I authored this language in a similar bill last year, but after passing the House, that bill died in the Senate.

The bill puts a $5,000,000 limit on reimbursements for a single project. I am confident this bill will pass this year.


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