Brady briefing: What’s holding up Zika, National Security?

The Zika virus has now spread to America along with its risk of death and birth defects. Coastal Texas “is at equal risk to Florida” says experts at Texas Children’s Hospital.

So what’s holding up federal funding for prevention and a vaccine? You won’t believe it. Even though House Republicans approved $1.1 billion to fight the virus, Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid have switched course and refuse to approve the funding because it doesn’t include money specifically for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. It’s outrageous.


This is a summer of death. From barbaric beheadings to indiscriminate bombings, this summer over 300 violent terrorist acts have occurred around the world.

In Nice, men, women and children were mowed down while joyously celebrating French Independence. Terrorists took over a French church — slitting an elderly priest’s throat in front of his horrified parishioners. Suicide bombings, a machete attack, a mass shooting and an axe attack on a passenger train rocked Germany. Over the July 4th weekend, coordinated Islamic State bomb attacks in Baghdad claimed over 300 lives. And in Orlando, a killer pledging allegiance to the Islamic State murdered 49 people at a nightclub. When is enough enough?

Today, America and the world face an enemy like no other. With this growing threat, House Republicans have led the effort by crafting a comprehensive, credible, winning national security solution in the “Better Way” agenda. This plan focuses on defeating terrorists, protecting the homeland, tackling new emerging threats and defending our freedom. Restoring safety is not an option, but a necessity.


Since January of last year House Republicans have developed and passed 77 national security bills. Eighteen – including important measures from Texas Congressmen Michael McCaul and Will Hurd – are now law.

This includes stopping terrorists from entering America on visa waivers, helping veterans find jobs in border security, cyber-security and beefing up airport security and customs protection on our borders.

Yet, dozens more House-passed national security bills are stalled in the Senate. These critical bills stop cold President Obama’s refugee program, secure our borders and critical infrastructure, protect us from Zika and Anthrax, secure our cities and ports, and track foreign fighters in terrorist safe havens while combating terrorist recruitment.

Many passed the House with veto proof majorities and strong bipartisan support. Yet they go nowhere as the Senate gridlocks. In this dangerous world, what is the Senate waiting for — another terror attack on U.S. soil?


Wonder why Republicans continue to fight to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act? For the second year in a row, many families in Texas are scrambling to find new doctors because the medical professionals they count on will not be in-network soon.

October 1 patients in most Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans will lose in-network access to Kelsey-Seybold’s more than 50 different medical specialties at nearly two dozen clinics and medical centers around the Houston region.

That means horrifying high costs or, for many patients, a denial of options for care. And more bad news may be coming as ACA insurers pull-out of states around the country, leaving patients stranded with one – or even no – choice of ObamaCare plans.

Thanks, Mr. President, for the promise of affordable, convenient choices in health care. For a better solution, go to Better.GOP.


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