Brady Joins Texas Election Suit to Supreme Court: “Every Vote Should be Treated Equally Under Law.”

Yesterday I released the following statement after signing onto an Amicus Brief to the Texas petition to the Supreme Court of the United States:

Every American can agree that requiring states to follow their own election laws is crucial, especially to create trust in the results and to preserve the Electoral College. The Supreme Court is the final venue to examine election irregularities in full and ensure the vote of every American is treated equally according to the law.

Background: I joined Rep. Mike Johnson and 104 members of the House Republican conference in sending an Amicus Brief focused on affirming to the Court the signatories’ concerns with the integrity of our election system. It further states that the broad scope of the various allegations and irregularities in the subject states merits careful, timely review by the Supreme Court, as that is necessary to resolve the matter for all the American people. 


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