Brian Chasnoff of the Express News has a Way with Words but Fails in Truth

Brian Chasnoff a columnist for the Express News recently wrote his opinion on Friends Of San Antonio Family Association's recent reversal of support of the Bexar County Republican Chairman, Cynthia Brehm. His failure to accurately report the interview via phone with Michael Knuffke, chair of the Friends Of SAFA PAC, only magnifies the extent to which the media toys with its readers and why the media can not be trusted as a creditable source. Chanoff's assault on SAFA was clearly unwarranted.

Since its inception in 2011 SAFA has earned a reputation in leadership for advocating for Pro-Life, traditional marriage and the value of the family unit. Chasnoff asked for the interview concerning the Bexar County Chair. In his haste to discredit SAFA, he failed to stay on topic. Instead he found it necessary to insert his thoughts into an already volatile situation and wrote it in his column of Tuesday, July 31, “SAFA 'proud' that Brehm backs her spouse.”

The answers to Chasnoff's questions seemed clear enough but for some reason Chasnoff was not able to accurately transfer them to paper. When it comes to Christianity, Chasnoff seemed to have a mental block to understanding its depth. And his insistence that somehow SAFA should ask for Brehm's resignation was highly weighted in Chasnoff's questions.

CHASNOFF: Why not just have her resign then?

KNUFFKE: Well, I think the line that was crossed is that we don't believe nor did we ever believe that a person should be penalized for the sin of someone else be it the spouse, be it a child or whatever the case may be. That still is the case here.

Knuffke made it clear that the reversal of support came after more information was revealed and that for whatever reason Bexar County Chair failed to mention her husband's past encounters with minors. “But because of information that we have acquired that is beyond what we initially thought has made it to where that pure intention of doing the job and the work that she wanted to do is no longer going to become effective, simply because of all the information.”

Chasnoff's questioning was very provoking, “So, why would she not just divorce her husband and SAFA not get behind that?”

Knuffke explained in detail why a marriage should be salvaged if at all possible and that helping a spouse to 'fix' a problem in order to stay in the marriage is a positive thing. “We believe in the indissolubility of marriage unless its something that is objectively wrong like beating or whatever the case might be but for the spouse to be married between a man and a woman in the eyes of God that indissolubility of marriage is paramount when it comes to the SAFA.”

The primary reason for the reversal of their endorsement is because Friends of SAFA, cares for the safety of children. As Knuffke told Chasnoff in the interview. “Our biggest concern is the protection of the daughter during this period of time. Was the daughter put in a situation whereby he, the predator, was still able to take advantage.”

The ugliest and most egregious remark by Chasnoff in his opinion piece was that, “The family, according to SAFA, is “the building block of society,” but the children are expendable.” Children are NOT expendable and his statement goes against all that SAFA stands for.

Liberals can certainly spew their hatred towards religion and justify it by giving it a sensational headline. Just don't believe everything that is written by the MSM especially by some of the Express News columnists. Concerned Christians know better.


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