Bringing a Little Texas to Taiwan

This past week, I led a bipartisan congressional delegation to Taiwan to show my support for freedom and democracy amidst Chinese aggression. 

We were the first delegation to visit and speak with Taiwan’s new administration, including President Lai, Foreign Minister Lin, and other high-ranking defense and government officials.

Taiwan is one of our most important and strategic partners. Approximately 90% of the world’s most advanced semiconductors — which power electronics, automobiles, and U.S. weapons systems — are made in Taiwan. If China invades Taiwan, this could lead to an “electronic shutdown.” The United States must return to President Reagan’s doctrine of peace through strength to deter our foreign adversaries.

During my visit with President Lai, I gifted him a Stetson cowboy hat as a sign of friendship and support for our partner, Taiwan.

The last time I visited Taiwan, China sanctioned me. This time they are using online trolls and propaganda accounts like “the Dragon of the East” to discredit my trip. 

This “Cowboy from the West” will not be intimidated by the CCP’s scare tactics.

Click here to learn more about my trip.


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