California Leads The Way...Again

United States Socialist Republic

Once again we are faced with yet more evidence of the communist takeover of this country.  Things are happening today that you not only wouldn’t expect, but couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago!  Every aspect of our history is being threatened and icons are being replaced.  The American public are still either apathetic, blissfully ignorant, or part of the problem.  The only way to turn this around is to help educate the public.

Everyone recognizes that California has been referred to as the ‘land of fruits and nuts’ for a long time.  In more recent years they have set a new standard for being ‘left‘.  As they become more emboldened, they will ‘come out of the closet’ more boldly.  Once a small margin of the public recognizes them as a communist movement, we can only hope that the blinds will be taken off and people will begin to push back.

Now California has decided to replace either George Washington or Abraham Lincoln (or both) with a communist holiday(s).  The current target is to recognize “International Workers’ Day” as a school holiday!  In case you weren’t aware, that is a communist holiday!

Now Elon Musk is being told that he either places his business under the ‘authority’ of the UAW, or all subsidies will be taken away from him — worker’s day indeed.  Tesla is already having trouble staying afloat, this mandate shouldn’t do any good toward building jobs.   While jobs are leaving the state, these totalitarian leaders insist on marching to their own variation of the Russian National Anthem.

Please help educate your neighbor …  if they will listen.

What ever you do, don’t ask what’s next!?


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