California — a State Driving Crime ‘Up’

Typically when people discuss California they are talking about the cost of living, or maybe they refer to the ‘crazies’ out west.  But if the public knew the real situation in California, they’d not only be concerned for California, but the entire U.S.

The assumption is that there are only a few radicals driving the state into a deep hole.  But that is not entirely true.  Besides having dope smoking governor running the state, they have a super majority assembly driven by the progressive party.  Is it no wonder we hear such unbelievable things coming out of California..?!

But what’s this got to do with crime, you ask?  There are too many things that could be discussed in this article — an exhaustive list.  Too keep the ‘busy people’ reading these articles, I’ll try to keep this brief.

Having been a resident of California, I was aware of some crazy laws/decisions made while we lived there.  But then I discovered I was shocked by what I found. Wow!  What an eye opening site!  (Which you’ll see below.)  I wanted to focus my point to one topic in this article — how California laws are creating a lawless society in that state.  Sounds like a very ambitious goal, I know.  Just read a few of the examples below and ask yourself, “Who would make such crazy decisions and why?  For what objective?”  I would argue they are grooming California as the template for our new socialist United States.  A scary thought indeed.  But as you know, “As goes California, so goes America” — a term used for many years now, and proven too often relevant.

In no particular order, the following ballot items are listed to make the case for California becoming a lawless state.

More Recent Law Changes

  • Penalties for Gang-Related Crimes (2008) — Failed 69.2% — Would have increased penalties relating to gangs much stiffer.
  • Parole for Non-Violent Criminals (2016) — Passed 64.46% — Increased parole and good behavior opportunities for felons convicted of nonviolent crimes.  (Note law change below ‘redefining violent crimes’.)
  • “Three Strikes” Law (2012) — Passed 69.3% — Revises three strikes law to impose life sentence only when new felony conviction is serious or violent.  (Again, note law change below ‘redefining violent crimes’.)

Future Planned Law Changes

Not all decisions go before the public to vote on however.  The governor and his cronies managed to redefine several laws from felonies to misdemeanors.  For example, let’s use theft.  There’s petty theft, grand theft, theft by burglary, and theft by robbery.  But only petty theft is a misdemeanor, which a suspect could be given a ticket instead of taken to jail (e.g., shoplifting).

In the case of the other felonies (grand, burglary, robbery), they have been redefined — if no violence occurred during the commission of the crime, the suspect can be ‘cited out’ at the scene with a promise to appear in court!  Ya think there’s going to be more than the typical 300,000 felony warrants in the Los Angeles area alone, much less the state?

Do you see a good reason for these changes?

And, as we all should know by now by the way, California is a sanctuary state!  And all of this was approved by the ‘residents’ (legal, maybe?) of California.  My question is, how long will it be before the fed’s step in and ‘clean up dodge’?  Stay tuned for what’s next..?


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