California - A Template for America in the Future

California is in the news almost daily for one reason or another.  Often those reasons are insane examples of bizarre socialist leadership.  As a result, thousands of Californians are moving out of that once great state to other more ‘friendly’ states with lower taxes and less control over their lives.  But are they taking what they’re running away from with them?  That is the big question..?

The majority of those changes since the election of Jerry Brown are socialist in nature.  However, unlike other more left leaning states, Jerry’s desired environment is crazy on steroids.  Taxes are through the roof — a 13% payroll income tax for example.

But worse,  he and his bought and paid for state assembly continue to ‘favor’ criminals!?  A few years ago California began releasing tens of thousands felons from their state prisons.  Over the last few years, 60,000 of them were released back onto the streets of California.  (Wouldn’t that make you comfortable?)

As if that isn’t scary enough, over the last year or two they have been ‘decriminalizing’ crimes of all sorts — over 800 of them!  Now for example, if you burglarize someone’s vehicle and get caught, you merely receive a ticket (for a onetime felony) — i.e., promise to appear.  Consequently, crime in California continues to rise and ‘undocumented’ taxes paid by the public continues to rise also.

This sick socialist ‘movement’ has been progressing for decades, but we are now reaching (rapidly) the culmination of significant effort and success toward converting America to a Marxist state.  Enter the ‘Democratic Socialists of America‘ organization.  (Be sure to watch the video at the top of the page.)  Now with the DSA’s help, we have a supercharger for the socialist movement throughout America.

So what’s your point you ask?

Although a hard pill to swallow, California is the template for the rest of America in our near future if we don’t take action soon.  If the socialists were to get their way in this country, the entire country would be like California . . .  or worse!!

The key point here is that if the common man in America doesn’t get out and vote, learn what’s really going on in his country, and enlighten those who are unaware of our critical situation, we are doomed to be members of the new United Socialist States of America.

Can you spell Venezuela?


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