Cameras in the United States Supreme Court

It is time to remove the veil of secrecy from the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court. Americans have the right to watch the proceedings in person, but only 50 members of the public can get into the small courtroom at a time.

Technology allows discreet videoing, but for some reason, there are those who want to keep these proceedings hidden from the American public.

We have the best judicial system ever created. We should not hide it. Cameras should be allowed in the most important court in the world. I know cameras can be placed in a courtroom without disruption or distraction, because I did it.

For 22 years, I served as a felony court judge in Houston, Texas. I heard over 25,000 criminal cases and nearly 1,000 jury trials, and many of those were filmed by the television media.

Justice would be better served if the black robe of secrecy was removed from the United States Supreme Court and the proceedings were filmed.

Because justice is the one thing we should always find in America.

And that is just the way it is.


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