Can President Trump overcome the odds to STOP THE STEAL?

In the wee morning of November 4, 2020, a stunning fact was beginning to come to light, that the reelection of President Donald Trump was being manipulated.  In the minds of the Trump voters it was eminently clear that something had gone terribly wrong. The realization that millions of mail-in ballots were being commingled with the legal ballots gave Joe Biden the edge over President Trump. This led to rage by his supporters and a mass exodus ensued from twitter and Facebook. The censorship to the conservatives that had been present months before the election clashed with the truth. 

Trump voters were left in limbo. Over 73M Trump supporters found that their votes were compromised by a nefarious fraudulent scheme by the Democrats and the complicit media.  These haters of liberty projected Biden as the winner on November 7: The Associated Press, Reuters, ABC news, CNN, NBC news, USA Today, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and, to many disappointed and furious viewers, Fox News. The conservatives soon turned on Fox News and vowed only to watch NewsMax and OAN.

Understand that the media does not call the presidential election, and Biden is not the president elect.   The electors in each state make that call.  Furthermore, this certification then goes to congress for final approval.  Not to mention that President Trump has not conceded. 

President Trump’s decision to name Rudy Giuliani to head the legal team to defend our right to free and fair elections is understandable since his administration has been plagued with deceiving snakes.  Giuliani has been a trusted and loyal friend.  Let’s pray that he is capable of defending his case to the Supreme Court.  Trump named the rest of the power attorneys in a tweet on November 14 they are:  Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis.  President Trump has an excellent legal force, which also include Jay Sekulow, Lin Wood, and Trey Gowdy.   Powell seems to be the most outspoken giving out information that promises to be instrumental in retrieving the legal votes assuring President Trump’s reelection.  Powell presented her case on the Mark Levin show on November 16.  Here is Powell’s statement to Levin:

“I’ve got a firsthand witness.  In fact I’ve just emailed you an affidavit from a witness who can now be used publicly. It’s redacted in some places but he was present for the creation of the system for this specific purpose of falsifying election results for Hugo Chavez and then Maduro. They exported this all over Latin America.  It’s the Smartmatic and Dominion systems that were built to do this very thing, for changing the results of elections…   And he realized when things were happening the way they were here, particularly with the states they suddenly went down, they stopped counting the votes.  It was because the lead was so great to President Trump that they had to go in and do a separate reset on the machines to have them come out for Biden.”

The question still remains, will the legal team be able to accomplish the necessary investigation before the states start to certify the votes?  Can this investigation be completed in time before the official results are sent to Congress? All 50 states must formally certify their election results before December 14 when the Electors meet in their home state to cast their votes for president. 

In all the chaos of knowing that somehow President Trump was cheated of his rightful ‘reelection’ the investigation has led to the Dominion server switching votes. This happened in the states that ‘paused’ in the early morning of November 4, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, and Nevada.   

It’s not enough to know that there was fraud, there has to be concrete proof.  If in fact we do have the servers, there are several legal implications. 

1.       It’s illegal to send that type of data to a foreign country.

2.       If they do have the master server with polling data from all Dominion systems it will most likely contain all the tabulation details of all votes including the illegal ones.

3.      It should contain names of the people who modified and added data. 

The courts are looking for evidence which we know in our hearts and minds that our president was cheated out of his second term. Let’s pray that we do have the servers in our possession.  We also need to have the smartest and best computer engineers to figure how this went down.   

It’s obvious even to the amateur political junkie that it was a miracle that Biden was announced as the winner, IF in fact he did win, when he only had hundreds of honking cars attend his parking lot car rallies and Trump attracted thousands and thousands to his rallies and thousands upon thousands who participated at the Trump Trains and Boat Parades.  

Again President Trump has NOT conceded and will wait for the Fat Lady to sing before he gives up on the American people.  Will Biden ever be a legitimate president???

News on the 2020 Election is happening daily…so stay tuned! #standwithTrump


Fight for Liberty is our MISSION

Mark Levin with Sidney Powell

November 16, 2020


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