Can Republicans Vote for Hillary?

There are three options for conservatives that I can understand and one that is totally unforgivable. For many conservatives and quite a few Republicans (including many who are planning to vote for Trump), they have have serious reservations about Trump. Trump is the most seriously flawed candidate the GOP has nominated in my life time and concerns about Trump are center around the following areas. Trump's recent foreign policy pronouncements including recent comments on Ukraine, in which Trump failed to grasp that Russia was already in Ukraine and some have questioned past clients for lobbyist and now campaign chairman Paul Mannafort, whose clients included friends of Putin. Trump's foreign policy resembles Sanders/Clinton/Obama policy of America coming home to rebuild America first (translation: using the peace dividend to expand government power at home.) His support for more government spending on infrastructure does not show a real dedication to keeping the budget in line. Trump has not helped himself with his delayed support for GOP candidates just as Paul Ryan and John McCain; leaving many Republicans the impression that Trump is not overly concerned over keeping the Congress.

Many Republicans and conservatives have concerns about a Trump Presidency and the damage it could do to conservatism. The problem is similar to the famous Star Trek no win Kobayashi Maru scenario, in which If you support Gary Johnson or leave the President ballot blank, you are ensuring a Hillary Clinton victory; but if voting for Trump, are you putting in a candidate with questionable fitness for office? For many conservatives a vote for Trump is nothing more than a vote against Hillary Clinton. I understand a good portion of the Never Trump movement since I have friends who are never Trumpers, and I can easily forgive a vote for Gary Johnson but one has to be clear what the alternative is and unlike Star Trek where James T. Kirk cheated to win; there is no cheating on this. Short of a miracle which means a Gary Johnson victory which is highly unlikely, there is no good alternative. Which is worse, what Trump could do or what we know that Clinton will do?

There is one option that no Republican or conservative can do, vote for Hillary Clinton. How can you not vote for Trump due to your view that he lacks the fitness or questionable knowledge of the issues when Hillary Clinton own flaws are far worse?

Hillary Clinton sins include:

1. Being a serial liar for most of her public life and first exhibit was her interview with Chris Wallace where she misrepresented FBI Director James Comey's statements about her email servers.

2. The Clinton Foundation was nothing more than scheme to enrich the Clintons and their entourage while preparing for the 2016 run. Ignore the fact that much of the foundation spending does not even reach the recipients, just view the number of foreign governments and individuals who contributed to the Clinton’s Foundation with favors in front of the Government while Hillary Clinton was a Senator before moving to Secretary of State.

3. The Clintons have seen their income soar to nine figures while working in the public sector over the past fifteen years. How much of that is due to influence peddling?

4. As for the Russians, Hillary Clinton’s reset button has been very good for Putin as he now owns through his surrogates half of Ukraine and a significant portion of our uranium deposit while the Clinton’s got richer.

5. Clinton’s own incompetence at State along with her boss, President Obama has managed to make us less secure today. Iraq and the rest of the Middle East was stable when she took Secretary of State but now it is aflame with Syria Civil war resulting in the deaths of nearly half a million and refugees now flooding Europe and the United States. Libya is an ISIS playground, Iraq is a mess, Yemen in a civil war on the borders of the Saudi’s, Iran in line to get a nuclear weapon and Obama/Clinton policy has allowed Iran to establish a hegemony over the region. Our alliances are in jeopardy around the world as China and Russia are now challenging us throughout the world. And I didn’t even bring up Benghazi.

6. Clinton domestic policy is nothing more than Bernie Sanders economic plan, so the Clinton Democratic policy is essentially a Democratic socialistic party.

So based on these facts, how can any Republican support Hillary? The best thing the Republican candidates can do is simply ask their Democratic opponents, how can you support an individual who has put our national security at risk while profiting from it? Republicans need to turn this an election on the qualification of Hillary Clinton. Hillary has seen her poll numbers improve by making the case that Trump is not qualified or fit to be President and if you undermine that, Republicans can defend their seats and who knows, Trump can win.


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