Can Someone Have the “Right” to the Fruits of Your Labor?

[Editor’s note: Mark Ramsey was a member of the State GOP Platform committee in 2010 and 2012, and was also elected to the State Republican Executive Committee from Senate District 7 (SREC SD7), Senator Dan Patrick’s district.]

A bold, fresh and potentially game-changing Platform resolution was unanimously passed this week by the Texas GOP.

This weekend in Ft. Worth, Texas, (“Where the West Begins”), 31 members of the State GOP Platform and Resolutions Committee met and hammered out some 23 pages of relatively fine print position statements of what we as a party believe. There are numerous rock-solid planks that would make the Founders proud. Those who think the two parties are mostly the same should take time to read the entire document. It is not even close to our anti-American socialist opponents’ one. It is closer aligned with the Tea Party movement (who was ably represented in Ft. Worth) than most Tea Partiers can even imagine, and many of those planks actually pre-date the Tea Parties. The “Strengthening the Economy” section, (subcommittee chaired by this author), is particularly strong and will be highlighted later.

One plank passed this weekend, however, is worth special mention first. On page P-6, it boldly declares:

Rights Versus Products -- We oppose calling welfare and other income and product redistribution schemes “rights” or “entitlements”. We know that fundamental human rights are inherent to individuals and are granted by God and are protected by the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. They are not products of others labor. Unalienable rights, such as life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property rights, free speech, religious freedom, self-defense, etc. do not impose on others' rights whereas income and product redistribution invariably do so.

It is a potential “game-changer.” It draws sharp and memorable distinction between “entitlements,” and true God-given Rights described by the Founders. The two should never be confused as they have been for the past five decades. Now Texas is attempting to lead us out of the fog.

Help us do so.



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That was a great plank, but will be meaningless until the Texas GOP starts holding its politicians accountable to it.  There is no shortage of fees and taxes collected in Texas.  Like the State Franchise Tax, for example. 

Texas politicians are going the way of Washington D.C. by spending too much of other people's money on things they are not constitutionally mandated to do.  So while the GOP platform may respect natural rights to a greater degree, it doesn't get us very far. 

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