The Case for Moore

Should Roy Moore be in the Senate? That is the wrong question to ask. The real question is, should Doug Jones be in the United States Senate? Three weeks ago, I was leaning toward opposing Roy Moore but two things gave me pause in rejecting Roy Moore. While there was credible evidence presented that Moore actually sexually assaulted women, now the evidence looks shakier on a daily basis. This is a separate issue from Moore dating teenagers when he was in his early thirties since dating teenagers may be appear to be creepy to many, it is not illegal. We are talking his preferences some forty years ago and that is not the same as sexual assault. The three cases that feature assault or groping are serious issues but does the evidence support the assault charges? Beverly Young Nelson claimed that Moore attempted to sexually assault her and produced a yearbook he signed only it would appear that the yearbook signature was a forgery. That ends her credibility.

The second case was Leigh Corfman, who claimed that Moore assaulted her at 14 and this case looked more credible. Recent court documents show there may be problems with the timeline on what happened. Powerlineblog Paul Mirengoff noted, “Here’s what the Post did not tell its readers. At the hearing, a judge ordered that Leigh Corfman move out of her mother’s house and take up residence with her father by March 4. In making this decision, the judge noted that Corfman had exhibited “certain disciplinary and behavioral problems…Did Roy Moore cram all of those alleged phone calls, encounters, and attempted encounters into the 12-day period before Leigh Corfman moved to her father’s house (assuming the court order was adhered to)? It’s possible. If Moore was obsessed with the girl, he probably would have moved fast…It would also have been good to know that Corfman had exhibited “disciplinary and behavioral problems” sufficient to swing a custody dispute before ever meeting Roy Moore. This information is relevant in at least two ways…First, it may go to the reliability of Corfman’s account of what (if anything) happened between her and Moore. If Corfman was significantly troubled in February and March of 1979, can we trust her statement of what allegedly happened during this period. Or might she be inventing or embellishing?”

The key here is that the timeline of Moore pursuing Corfman has flaws and that Corfman experienced behavioral problems before meeting Moore. Is this relevant to Corfman reliability as to judging what happen between Moore and her? Mirengoff would say yes and others will have to judge accordingly. The major case against Moore was that he sexually assaulted women and if true, this should be a disqualifier but right now these two cases have serious flaws and in the case of Nelson, Nelson may have lied about the whole thing. Her attorney Gloria Allred has gone dark and considering that Ms. Allred has never been shy about publicity, this is telling.

If it could be proved that Moore did indeed sexually assault, he should be removed from the Senate but right now, we may be witnessing character assassination on the assault charge. As for the thirty years old dating teenage girls beyond the age of consent, one may find it creepy but not illegal and certainly not worse than a Senator groping a woman while she is sleep and being photographed or using federal funds to pay off sexual assaults or harassments cases.

The real issue is that the left set the rules and they want the conservatives and Republicans follow them while they ignored the rules. While a few demanded Senator Franken scalp, right now the left has circled the wagon around Franken along with John Conyers. When asked about her performance during the Clinton years in which Nancy Pelosi defended Bill Clinton during his various sexual peccadillos including sexual assaults, she merely noted, “Why don’t we talk, instead, about how we go forward. Nobody is proud of President Clinton’s behavior at the time. But he was being impeached…Let’s go forward. Let’s talk about, okay, let’s learn from past decisions and go forward.” It so ancient history but what counts are the sexual problems of Republicans and Donald Trump, not on our side.

Until it can be shown that Roy Moore indeed commit sexual assault beyond a shadow of a doubt, Republicans should support Moore for one reason. The GOP agenda of tax reforms and any hope of revisiting health care will be in jeopardy if Moore loses and Doug Jones wins. Moore will support the agenda of liberating the American economy and Jones will not.

Roy Moore may not have been the strongest candidate for GOP to pick but he is the candidate and there is enough evidence to suggest that many of the assault charges may be false. A better solution would be for Moore to win and for the GOP’s to support their candidate and if there is enough evidence to remove Moore after he is elected, then remove him and let a Republican governor appoint his successor. Republicans need to remember that if Al Franken is removed, a Democratic Governor will appoint his successor. Republicans and conservatives need to understand, the Democratic goal is remove Trump from office and cripple the GOP agenda and we don’t need to cooperate with their agenda since they are not going to play by their own rules. Nancy Pelosi was perfectly willing to save Bill Clinton’s job twenty years ago and she is no hurry to remove those Democrats guilty of sexual harassment and in some cases, assault.


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