CD21’s Debate is purposely setting up incumbent!

Interesting that the truth is always something conservatives claim they want, but in this particular case, Truth is just a ‘word’, “our ethics and principles are based on the Founding Fathers documents.” This is on the CD21 debate invitation from the Kendall County Texas Tea Party Patriots.

Americans should have ‘conservative values’ to pass on to their children like telling the truth, but I’m afraid our society these days doesn’t comprehend the word, “truth.” They stretch or state half-truths which seems to be rampant in our culture today. A debate was arranged by Earl Smith, no relation to Congressman Lamar Smith, for those candidates that are thinking of challenging the CD21 incumbent on November 9. I say thinking of challenging because according to the website for the US House of elections for Texas there are NO declared challengers to CD21 and the filing dates are from November 14 to December 14 with the Texas Secretary of State.

According to the invitation the debate will be hosted by the Kendall County Texas Tea Party Patriots and others. E. Smith has known for some time that the congressman was not going to be present because of a prior commitment to a private event in Boerne, Texas. E. Smith knew this early on because the private event was scheduled in July and E. Smith wasn’t even thinking about having the debate until August according to E. Smith himself.

Well, low and behold an invitation went out on Wednesday, November 4 from the KCTxTPP that Congressman Smith was EXPECTED to be present. Now this might not be a problem to some that know Congressman Smith will NOT be present, but those CD21 voters who are expecting to see Congressman Smith at the debate might be sorely disappointed and rightly so.

Misleading people is never a good idea, even if only to gain attendance. Those receiving the email invitation stating that Congressman Smith will be ‘expected’ to be present at the debate will want someone to blame. I suggest that Earl Smith man up and take the heat together with Matt McCall and his staff members for bullying tactics. It would be oh so good for the opposing campaign to be able to say, “Congressman Smith is a NO show.” When in reality John Horton from Texans for Lamar Smith, was decent enough to let E. Smith know way in advance that the congressman could not attend because of a prior engagement.

Here are comments from two of the people involved in this E. Smith fiasco.

On November 2, I received this from Dave Judson, who is with Matt McCall for Congress, stating that “L. Smith has not yet responded.”

I have to interject here because on October 15 Judson attended a Republican event in Comal County and spoke to Horton and was told again that the Congressman was not going to be able to attend the debate.

I have this from Horton dated November 4, 2015.


As I've let you know multiple times over the past month, Rep. Smith has scheduling conflicts on 11/9 and will be unable to attend the debate. It is surprising to me that this email went out regardless. It would be helpful to issue a correction so that the voters of CD21 are not misled. Also, it would be helpful to not advertise an elected official attending an event when you know that it isn't true.


This is an intentional deception by E. Smith and the McCall campaign to discredit a standing congressman. Bullying is a tactic used by the Liberals and the Obama administration and in no way should be used by Republicans. It could be that E. Smith told his group that the congressman was going to be present and he wants to save face. But dictating or coercing any elected official is just bad policy, and leaves a nasty impression. And just to set the record straight, I believe that the sponsors are not totally aware of the circumstances pertaining to this debate debacle and are innocent bystanders. Having said this, it really would be an excellent idea for E. Smith to resend a corrected invitation or to man up to his incredible obstinacy.

For those that might say that this situation is equivalent to the David Dewhurst vs Ted Cruz debates let me just say that challenger McCall is no Ted Cruz. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, my mother used to say. And yes, I expect that the McCall campaign will come after me but I think it’s important that the CD21 voters know the truth about the debate. Constituents are very important in all races and maybe the lesson learned should be to be truthful to all constituents.


Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!


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