City of Houston Elections - Michael Kubosh Earns Houston Chronicle Endorsement

Michael Kubosh Earns Houston Chronicle EndorsementAs the run-off for Houston City Council, At-Large Position #3 race shifts into top gear, Michael Kubosh comes out of the gate fast with a key endorsement from the Houston Chronicle. Kubosh was the top vote earner in this month's general election but faces a run-off challenge from HCDOE Board Member Roy Morales (who wants you to know he is a Lt. Colonel, by the way...).

It is good to see the Chronicle has found its voice on this race. They couldn't be bothered to make a pick in the general election, but they got this one right in some ways and not right in others.

The Chronicle, in its endorsement, says, "Kubosh's history of referenda-driven politics and hyperbolic comments hinted that he was not yet ready for prime time - or Wednesday mornings around the City Hall horseshoe. But over the campaign, he has smoothed over rough patches, reached out to opponents and strived to educate himself on the issues."

As someone who has known and worked with Kubosh for several years, I take exception to their "not yet ready for prime time or Wednesday morning City Hall horseshoe". Perhaps the Chronicle is just now seeing what voters have been seeing for quite some time. Kubosh is a candidate who knows how to reach out and build a coalition to get things done.  

The Chronicle cites Kubosh's statement that he is "not just a no vote" like this is some kind of new revelation. The reality is, Kubosh's campaign has never been about saying no. It is rather, about saying "let's listen to the people" and then vote accordingly.

This bridge-building, populist-conservative philosophy is truly what defines the Kubosh campaign for City Council. He has shown the taxpayers time and time again that he will listen to the voters and work hard to get done what they seek to get done.

Has LTC Roy Morales gone "crackers"Lt. Colonel Roy Morales, on the other hand, bounces from election to election, constantly seeking re-assurance that he is worthy of their votes. His insecurity is apparent as his need to display his Air Force rank on his HCBOE desk name-plate, campaign literature and anywhere else he can think of posting it.

UPDATE: Colonel Morales informed me that the desk name-plate displaying his rank was not requested by him, but rather was given to him by the HCBOE board out of respect for his military service.

The Chronicle basically calls him a conspiratorial nut-job quoting a speech Morales made to a minute-man group in 2005 where he said that "immigrants are being sent by China, Russia and al-Qaida 'as a way to get into our country without launching million dollar nuclear weapons.' When questioned about that past statement, Morales said that he can't elaborate due to military security. 'Yes, I know a lot of things, and yes, I can't say things,' he told the Chronicle editorial board."

Well, one of the things Colonel Morales apparently does not know is whether the attorney he hired recently to file a TRO against the City of Houston was legally eligible to practice law or not. Morales blasted blogger David Jennings last week who had pointed out that Morales' "attorney" was not legal to practice law. Well it turns out the Colonel was wrong and BigJolly was right... as usual.  

Morales seems to be desparate and insecure in this campaign and is lashing out from every angle he can find. He seems to think that Kubosh knows too many black people and somehow that is a bad thing. He wants you to believe that someone who has been endorsed by one of the most conservative members of the Texas House, Allen Fletcher is not a conservative. But remember... "he knows things..."  right?

There is one thing I believe Morales does know and won't admit. He knows that Michael Kubosh will be the next member of City Council to represent the people in the At-Large #3 position.

The Chronicle concludes their analysis of this election by referencing Morales' claim to "military security" information stating, "That sort of self-aggrandizing secrecy belongs in spy novels, not at City Hall. Voters should want someone who will focus on Houston. The Houston Chronicle endorses Michael Kubosh for At-large 3."

Congratulations to Michael Kubosh for his endorsement from the Houston Chronicle.




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