Clinton is a Liar, So, What’s New?

Watching the Hillary Clinton campaign is like watching a train wreck as Clinton has managed to take what was a double digit lead to being even with Trump. This recent dive in the polls reflect less of  a Trump surge and more of Clinton’s implosion as voters are rethinking the Clinton option and Republicans are beginning to coalesce around their presumptive nominee.

The biggest issue around Hillary Clinton is that she is not a trustworthy politician and after nearly four decades, there isn’t much we don’t know about the Clintons.  The recent report from the State Department Inspector General reconfirms what we suspected about her emails; Hillary Clinton displayed a careless disregard for national security and her goal for setting up her own private server in violation of State Department rules was to hide from any Freedom of Information Act requests.   There is one thing that this report showed; that everything that Hillary Clinton told us about the email scandals was one lie after another. 

Of the emails she originally turned over, slightly over 2000 contained classified materials with some given a classification even more sensitive than top secret. (Who knows what hidden materials were among the emails Hillary Clinton deleted.)  As National Review Jonah Goldberg noted, “Her campaign clings to the fact that they were not ‘marked’ classified.” Nonsense. Classified material is “born” classified, and it was Clinton’s job to understand that. Moreover, how could the classified material she sent be marked “classified” if the whole point of her shadow server was to avoid oversight by the people who do the classifying? It’s like selling bootleg gin and then claiming that no one from the government marked it “bootleg.”

When concerns were raised by employees in IT that Clinton’s servers would not properly maintain records, they were told that lawyers approved it, and oh yeah, they were also advised not to discuss this ever again.  Her staff refused to cooperate with the Investigator General office and she never talked with the inspector General like every other Secretary of State did.

This report is just the tip of the iceberg as the Democrats are about to nominate a candidate who should be in jail for influence peddling and putting our national security at risk through her private email which was an attempt to hide what she was doing. One way to judge a politician is how wealthy they have become while working in the public sector. It is one thing for a businessman like a Donald Trump to be wealthy, it is quite another for a public servant to be worth nine figures.  Hillary Clinton has worked as a public servant and she was dead broke when she left the White House but now the Clintons’ are worth nine figures. When you get paid six figures for speeches from corporations or foreign public officials while they have business in front of Secretary of State, this add ups quickly. And the Clinton Foundation often received donations from those same public officials and corporate types; obviously they were hoping for access of a future Clinton’s Administration.

The Clintons have profited from their time in office and they have never viewed the rules as meant for them; but maybe some voters are thinking that the time has come for the rules to be applicable to the Clintons.  If I was a Democratic delegate I would be asking myself one question: why take the risk with Hillary Clinton?  


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