Clueless In Texas, County Judge Hidalgo Still Doesn't Get It

Almost a year into dealing with Covid-19, Harris County (Houston) Judge (really an executive) Lina Hidalgo still doesn't get it or is intentionally trying to injure the private sector. Once again pushing for school closures and lockdowns. Let's review what this misguided policy has done for us. First, it did not get rid of Covid-19. Second, it is estimated at least 1/3 of our restaurants are gone. Third, crime and murder rates are soaring. Fourth, unemployment is still high, with female unemployment even higher as when schools are closed they have to take care of their children. Fifth, alcoholism is rising. Sixth, there has been increases in mental illness and suicide ideation. Seventh, with school closings and virtual school many children have lost a year of real schooling. Eighth, child abuse and spousal abuse are up. Ninth, basic medical care is being neglected. Tenth, the Federal deficit has exploded as a result, reaching levels that will never be paid back (this last year: $3.2 trillion) without inflated dollars paying it off. Do we really want sizable inflation? And this is just a partial list.

The lockdown pushed by Hidalgo doesn't work and is not needed. Even the CDC acknowledges that from age 0 to 69 the fatality rate is under .5%. For over age 70 it is 5.4%. With similar outbreaks in the past we manage the disease and not shut down society.

The sooner Hidalgo wakes up and abandons her inane and unhelpful policies, the better off we will be. 2022 cannot come soon enough to send her and her misguided polices out the door.


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