A Commentary: The First Four Hours Of The Democrats Debates

As a TV host, radio commentator, and chronicler of our political lives, I needed to watch the four hours of the Democrats debates last week.

It was long, scary, and hard to endure the vast majority of candidates not worthy of being considered for President. The real winner was President Trump. The real losers were the American people because we had a bunch of unserious candidates trying to out-left each other and the "media" panelists were in the same boat with the candidates. So much for objective journalists.

Based on the debate here are the critical issues the Democrats see facing our country:

  1. They oppose any effort to stop anyone from crossing our borders, AKA open borders.
  2. Free health care for illegals.
  3. The return of busing our children to distant schools.
  4. Free college.
  5. Government run single-payer health care and abolish all private insurance.
  6. Abortion up to and including time of birth.
  7. Student loan debt erased.
  8. Reparations for descendants of slaves.
  9. Green New Deal - abolish carbon-based energy (so good-bye Texas oil and gas industry.)
  10. Tax the rich at historically high levels, which in fact means tax the rich and the middle class.
  11. Abolish the Electoral College and upend our entire history of Presidential elections.
  12. Revive the discredited idea of FDR of packing the Supreme Court. It was rejected in the 1940's and turns the Constitution on its head.

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