Congressman Bill Flores Discusses the Latest from Washington

I released the following statements regarding the recent successful raids which eliminated ISIS leaders; and H. Res. 660, the House Democrats’ sham impeachment inquiry resolution:

Successful Raids Taking Out ISIS Leaders
Early last week we learned that U.S. Military actions once again made America a safer and more secure nation. American forces in northern Syria conducted successful missions to eliminate ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his potential successor Abu Hassan al-Muhajir. Their deaths mark a major blow to the leadership of the ISIS terrorist group. We are grateful for the military and intelligence personnel who carried out these important operations, and for President Trump’s leadership and commitment to destroying ISIS. While these are significant milestones, we must not waiver in our efforts to stop terrorist efforts both domestic and abroad.

H. Res. 660
Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have spent over a month deceiving the American public behind closed doors, hiding key facts, leaking one-sided information, not sharing interview transcripts, as well as breaking long-established rules and precedents in an attempt to impeach the president. Now, after recognizing that the American people are turning against their Soviet-style process, they are trying, after the fact, to put lipstick on their sham hearings. They introduced this resolution in an attempt to legitimize their secret investigation by adopting phony rules and guidelines to govern the process moving forward. All Republicans and I voted, on a bipartisan basis, AGAINST this political ploy which rubber stamps a continuation of the Pelosi/Schiff attempts to overturn the 2016 election of President Trump.

Last week’s impeachment inquiry resolution will continue to deny the president due process. It limits the involvement of 75 percent of the members of the House, therefore denying 230 million Americans a voice in this process. Additionally, this framework empowers Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who has repeatedly misled and lied to the American public, to block any witness from testifying against his false impeachment narrative. Based on our nation’s historical precedent, this resolution deviates drastically from previous impeachment processes initiated by both Republican and Democrat majorities. It also does not prevent the newest tactic that Schiff started last week of instructing witnesses to not answer questions from Republicans on the Intelligence Committee – thereby putting him in a position as de facto attorney for the witnesses as well as chairman of the committee. 

With only eight legislative days left before federal government funding expires, House Democrats are more focused on impeaching the president and advancing their extremist, socialist agenda than they are about funding our military, securing our border and keeping the federal government open to perform its core function of serving our citizens. Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats need to abandon these political games and start working with Republicans to keep the government funded and to address the priorities of hardworking Texas families.


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