Congressman Chip Roy Campaign Kickoff held in San Antonio, Texas

Congressman Chip Roy, CD21, kicked off his reelection campaign at the Quarry Hofbrau in San Antonio on Monday, December 2, 2019.   In spite of the chilly weather, about 250 of his staunchest supporters showed up to back his impending race with Democrat Wendy Davis. 

To a standing room crowd, Roy told his constituents that he is focused on the important policies; the border, healthcare and government spending.  “The Democrats are forsaking their responsibility around the country while they are on a political vendetta to take out the president to undo an election of 2016.”

Roy spoke about his family being strong Texans and how they survived adversities.  His grandfather stood for everything that is great about this country.  He stood for the rule of law, he stood for the values that we all celebrate, but he also stood for dealing with the curve balls that life throws you, without looking at the government or somebody to solve your problems for you. 

His message was passionate and strong.   “And I’m sick and tired of people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi saying what government is going to do for you. The American way is that we do for ourselves.  This is the essence of our country and this is what is at stake today.  We stand up in the face of adversity and with our faith and reliance on friends and family and we don’t look for government to solve problems for us and that is the greatness of America.” He continued, “That is why I am in this race.   I am running for reelection because I believe in the future of our country.”  He continued to say that, “No one in Washington should tell you how to live your life.”

He mentioned the military.  “Less than half of 1% of the American people are defending this nation, we should remember that.  We should remember that they deserve a clear mission.  A clear authorization of force.”

“For the last eleven months, I’ve been doing what I know how to do best, which is to challenge the ‘swamp’.  That is the fight of our day.”  He spoke about the history of San Antonio, the history of the Alamo where our forefathers stood on a wall 183 years ago under attack.   “We are every bit under attack today just like we were in 1836.  Don’t kid yourselves.” 

He spoke about the Squad making Nancy Pelosi look like a centrist.  “If you look at how the current congress is, it is an attack on your way of life.  It’s not about Donald Trump, it’s about Texans.  It’s about everything you hold dear,” he emphasized. 

He reiterated about what his plans were for his campaign which would be the same as his 2018 campaign promises. “I campaigned on balancing the budget, on healthcare freedom, on securing the border of the United States and on making sure that our men and women in the military have the tools they need to carry out that mission and get them home and then getting Washington out of our way.  I am going to campaign on those same things in 2020 because that is who I am, that is who you are and that is who Texas is.”

Congressional District 21 has voted Republican for over 30 years and Roy beat his Democrat opponent in 2018 to keep the seat in the hands of Texas Republicans.  

Wendy Davis, a former Texas Senator who made history standing for eleven hours to ‘kill the unborn’, will not soon be forgotten by Texans.  In 2014 she ran for governor against a popular Greg Abbott and was crushed in her desire to turn Texas Blue.   Apparently she will continue to run in an effort to have ‘healthcare’ for women wanting abortions.  The Democrat National Committee and Nancy Pelosi are salivating hoping that this prime seat in the heart of Texas will turn Blue.  So that there not be any more challenges to this seat, let’s slam Davis in November. 

Davis has reported $897,433.34 total individual contributions from May to September while Roy received $1,002.796.98 total individual contributions from January to September.  Congressman Roy is valiantly fighting for our values in spite of Democrats being in the majority in the U.S. House.  He needs funds to get his message out and he needs his friends to spread the word.  Most of all he needs your vote in the Primary Election on March 3, 2020 and again in the General Election in November. 



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