Congressman Neugebauer Votes Against Debt Ceiling Increase

I voted against a deal to suspend the debt limit and provide stopgap government funding. I believe that our current level of debt is dangerous for our economy and a crippling legacy for our children and grandchildren. So I could not vote to suspend the debt limit without securing any reforms to our runaway spending. I was also disappointed that this agreement didn’t do more to protect American families from the high costs of Obamacare.

I’ve made a promise to my constituents in West Texas and the Big Country: I will continue to work on their behalf to get our debt under control and to prevent Obamacare from impairing their health care.

Addressing our growing debt will require honest negotiations between the House and Senate—with everyone at the table. It’s time to make the difficult decisions about our spending problem, instead of kicking the can down the road.



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