Congressman Neugebauer Votes to Increase Transparency and Accountability in Obamacare

I voted to pass H.R. 3362, the Exchange Information Disclosure Act, which requires the Administration to provide accurate data on the number of Americans who have enrolled on

It’s been more than three months since was launched, and we still don’t have hard numbers on how many Americans are enrolled. Consumers need transparency and accountability from their government.

The Administration has provided relatively little data to date on Obamacare enrollments. The data that has been released does not distinguish between those who have selected a plan and those who have enrolled. Additionally, states have received little information from the Administration on the residents being covered, including those who are sick, healthy, young, old, or Medicaid-eligible.

In order to evaluate whether Obamacare is working, we need hard data on enrollment numbers and the mix of patients selecting coverage. The Administration isn’t being forthcoming about enrollments. Americans deserve transparent government, and not a sales-pitch.

In my role on the House Science Committee, I have been actively investigating security concerns with and working to protect Americans from identity theft.


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