Congressman Pat Fallon Introduces the Voice of The Electorate (VOTE) Act

As first reported by The Daily CallerCongressman Pat Fallon (TX-04) recently introduced the Voice of The Electorate (VOTE) Act. This legislation amends that National Voter Registration Act of 1993 by inserting a new section entitled, “Prohibiting Registration of Individuals Not Providing Proof of United States Citizenship.” Simply put, U.S. citizens should be the only citizens voting in U.S. elections.

Congressman Fallon issued the statement below: 

“To be a citizen of the United States of America is to partake in the governance of the most free and powerful society on Earth. As Democrats seek to allow those who are not U.S. citizens to vote in U.S. elections, I stand firmly against this dilution! In order to protect this sacred right, I have introduced The Voice Of The Electorate (VOTE) Act, which takes the necessary steps to ensure that American citizens alone decide the future of our nation. 

Every time an American casts a ballot, we must remember the patriots who came before and fought to ensure our right as U.S. citizens to vote in free and fair elections. This must never be taken for granted.”


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