Congressman Pete Sessions Responds to President Obama’s Speech

As Chairman of the House Rules Committee, I released the following statement in response to President Obama’s call today for an extension of emergency unemployment insurance:

If President Obama is serious about helping the American people get back to work, he would have used his speech today to call on the Senate to approve the dozens of pro-growth jobs bills passed by the House that Harry Reid has refused to consider. The House’s initiatives include bills to expand American energy production, improve job training for the long-term unemployed, and limit burdensome rules and regulations that stifle economic growth. Texans know firsthand that a thriving energy sector and sensible regulations are essential to a robust economy. The president should also join House Republicans in giving Americans relief from ObamaCare, which has led businesses to stop hiring and lay off workers due to the law’s onerous costs and regulations.

House Republicans remain committed to a pro-jobs agenda that focuses on getting Washington out of the way to allow the private sector to flourish and create more jobs. I urge the president and Senate Democrats to join us in our efforts to get Americans back to work.


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