Congressman Poe Introduces Veterans Back to Work Act of 2017

On March 20th, I introduced H.R. 1600 the Veterans Back to Work Act of 2017. This legislation would make the veterans tax credit permanent and make it easier for employers to take advantage of it.

There are nearly 495,000 veterans in this country who are unemployed. 4.6 percent of all Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are without jobs. This is simply unacceptable. Congress previously passed a veteran’s tax credit to help transition our nation’s warriors back into the workforce. While well intentioned, it was temporary, this bill makes it permanent.

The Veterans Back to Work Act seeks to eliminate confusion by making the tax credit permanent, and allowing employers to have the choice to collect the credit at the end of each quarter or at the end of the year, whatever makes the most sense for them.

Our nation’s warriors are the best that we have. They have risked their lives to serve and protect the rest of us. It is our duty to help these heroes transition back into the American work force upon their return home. After fighting in the battlefield, the last thing a veteran should have to worry about is an unemployment line. The Veterans Back to Work Act incentivizes the hiring of our veterans with a permanent tax credit and makes the paperwork easier for businesses to do so.


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