Congressman Self and Congressman Moskowitz Spearhead the Battle Against Foreign Espionage

Congressman Keith Self (R-TX) and Congressman Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) are leading a letter urging U.S. Department of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to release the number of encounters our foreign adversaries, including China, Russia, and Iran, have attempted on U.S. military bases. Five additional Members signed onto this bipartisan letter, demanding answers regarding the dangerous increase in foreign espionage activity across America.

“This new axis of evil is working nonstop to steal sensitive technology, influence lawmakers, and spy on our military,” said Congressman Keith Self. “A Chinese spy balloon traveled across America for four days and captured sensitive information about critical military installations. It’s essential this Administration becomes transparent with Congress and initiates deterrence against foreign intelligence operations.”

“Since 9/11, our country has witnessed increased threats from foreign adversaries. However, these adversaries have transitioned from terrorist groups to nation-states with the sole intent on destroying America and our way of life. For Congress to better enact policies to keep our soldiers and the American people safe, the Department of Defense must better inform Congress of attempted encounters on military bases. Transparency is key so we can better protect our country,” said Moskowitz.

To understand the scope of the situation, this bipartisan letter asked for the following questions to be answered within 30 days.

  1. How many times have military bases across the United States faced a probe, encounter, or spying attempt from China, Russia, or Iran?
  2. What steps is this Administration taking to hold our adversaries accountable for spying on America, and what consequences have been given to China after the spy balloon debacle last year?
  3. What information have our adversaries gained when they have spied on America, and what is being done to deter these adversaries from spying in the future?
  4. What are military bases across the United States doing to combat methods such as drones from being used to spy on U.S. military sites?

“I served in the United States Army Special Forces for over 25 years and recognize this is a critical time for national security. We need to harden our military bases and bring back the policy of Peace through Strength,” said Congressman Keith Self.


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