Congressman Stockman Gets Death Threats for Opposing Obama Gun Control, Suggesting Impeachment

Texas Congressional District 36 U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman has received numerous death threats made against him and his children from leftist gun control advocates. These threats have been forwarded to the Capitol Police.

These threats against Congressman Stockman have come in response to Stockman's strong stance for the Second Amendment and against unconstitutional gun control executive orders from Obama. Stockman made national news last week when he declared that he would try to block funding of any Obama unconstitutional gun control executive orders, and that they would be grounds for Congressman Stockman to file impeachment papers against President Obama.

The thousands of responses that Stockman has received have been overwhelmingly positive, but some of them have been negative, even to the point of threatening violence. Funny how these liberals cry for peace with violence. They call for strict gun control laws to curb violence, but then they turn around and threaten to kill a congressman and his family, probably with a gun.

But hey, you will probably not see this on the national news because the left leaning media wants you to think that guns are the problem and not the person pulling the trigger. And the media would surely not want you to know that liberals calling for more gun control are also calling for violence and sending death threats to a congressman.

Here is an example of the death threats sent to Congressman Steve Stockman:

"Your kid probably needs to get gun down"

Congressman Stockman has posted the following on his Facebook Page in response to the Threats:

Thank you all so much. Please share this.

I really wish I could personally respond to every one of you, but I have received literally THOUSANDS of messages, emails and phone calls. They are running 25 to 1 in favor of my efforts to block, defund and overturn Obama's Executive Orders, and seek impeachment if that's what is necessary.

Obama is angry at me. Obama's anti-gun extremists are targeting me for defeat and trying to bully people into opposing me.

His supporters are leaving vulgar and sexually explicit emails and phone calls, and even threatening to shoot me, shoot my staff and blow up the Capitol -- in the name of gun control.

I won't back down. I am trying to build a national grassroots movement to stop Obama. Could you please go to and chip in $10 or more to help me stop Obama's gun grab?

Also, be sure to include me, and our country, on your prayer lists.

-- Steve

In other news:

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