Congressman Tony Gonzales Defends Pro-Life Legislation in FY22 Appropriations Markups

On Thursday I defended the reinstatement of the Hyde Amendment in the FY2022 Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations bill. The provision has had bipartisan support since it was first enacted in 1976 but has been removed from the President’s budget for FY22. I spoke during the markup to highlight how crucial it is to ensure that federal taxpayer dollars are not used to fund abortion procedures.

Watch the full remarks here.

TG Approps


Madam Chair, rescinding the Hyde amendment would enforce pro-abortion policies on millions of Americans who disagree with that act. Even under the current law, states are given the option to fund abortions under Medicare. However, we have seen an overwhelming majority of states, 33, in particular, plus DC, reject state funded abortions. I am Mexican American descent. I represent a district that is 70 percent Hispanic. The Lord has blessed me with six children. I am a reflection of my district. A district that sent me to Washington to protect the sanctity of life. Earlier this week, this committee defunded border patrol by 1 billion dollars. Today, this committee presses for federal funded abortions. As appropriators, we are tasked with the responsibility of delegating taxpayer funds. Today, the majority will strip the Hyde amendment. In two years, the majority will reinstate the Hyde Amendment.


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