Contact National Convention Rules Committee Members if You Want a Real Conservative Nominee

This article describes delegate rules committee member Kendal Unruh's agenda to suggest a rule that will reinforce the existing rules that national convention delegates are responsible only to the multi-level convention participants who elected them and their personal conscience that was entrusted.

It contains excerpts from her letter to Rules Committee members and has a link to members' email addresses. She urges us all to contact them expressing our opposition to Solomon Yue's proposed Amendment to defer any rules changes until the next convention, and support Unruh's proposed rule.

Rule 37 empowers delegates to require a roll call to determine that delegates' individual choices are accurately recorded. And Rule 38 disallows any state or district ruling that requires delegates to vote as a unit rather than individually. The Supreme Court has ruled on multiple occasions that states have no legal authority over the private actions of individual delegates in a private association.

That has been the case in Republican National Conventions for over 150 years with only one exception when President Ford's forces achieved a new rule that delegates were bound and could not support Ronald Reagan, in 1976. That change was removed at the next presidential convention year in 1980. Unruh's rule will explicitly affirm delegates' right to not vote in violation of their conscience.

I have written my own of support and objection to Trump's offense to every Republican, American, civil and personal value.

Message to Rules Committee Members

1. The convention belongs to the elected delegates of the private Republican convention process who have voluntarily labored in that process and jointly crafted the party platform, in this case the party most closely aligned with the principles of the American founding documents. The party does not belong to an agitated public mob that is manifestly indifferent to the principles of The Republican Party or its process, as apparently is their most favored candidate. That candidate drew a record number of Republican primary votes, though he also drew out a larger record number of votes opposed to him.'

Donald Trump did not receive near a majority of the primary vote, despite having been uncontested for the last month. Quite the opposite of the claims of Trump and his supporters, it is the commandeering of this private and diligently produced party by a swarm that has mostly not participated in the party process and apparently uninterested in its principles, that is what would amount to “stealing.” Do they have a right to make their voices heard? Sure. But by having a third party nominate their candidate or by him running as an independent; not by cannibalizing the work of others.

2. Donald Trump is patently unfit to be either a Republican candidate or President of the United States. He displays no knowledge or concern for Republican principles. Neither does he discuss the founding principles of American liberty or civic morality. In fact, he commonly is in utter defiance of both, which are what “made America great” in the first place. Trump proposes ordering what would be contrary to American law, which alone would be of itself. The Constitution does not afford the president the power he aspires to wield. That is a good thing. But it has general not stopped Barack Obama. And in that light we might reasonably question the resolve of a Republican Congress to restrain (in name at least) a Republican president.

Donald Trump is graceless and undignified in his manner and disposition. He is an offense to over 2/3 of Americans according to a lot of polls. A great chunk of Republicans will not even vote for him if he is nominated, and I am one of them. I have been a delegate to multiple state Republican conventions. Whether Trump or Hillary Clinton becomes president, the damage done to this country may harden beyond any potential for restoration, with virtuous principles having eluded a large share of the American population. And if Trump is the nominee, my lifelong association with the Republican Party may also be over.

Finally, Trump is not only morally faithless, he is more inclined to brag about his acts of perfidy, and anything else he can. Now at age 70, he is an extreme example of a child so marinated in provision from youth that he never grew up. He is perpetually self-absorbed, not a servant of any sort. I have no issue with a wealthy individual, but the way he expresses it I find tacky. I can hardly think of any respect in which I don’t find Donald Trump repellent and pathetic.

Some Republicans want to nominate the largest primary vote-getter of the splintered field. And it’s made plain by apologists of his nomination who once opposed him, that what they want to affirm is the primary process itself, even though it undercuts the conservative activists who labor in conventions and campaigns. They want to affirm the primary season because it is a fundraising and advertising bonanza. It’s their quadrennial Christmas season. And for that they will abandon their activist base and party principles and dignity; probably even surrender the national agenda to the left for another 4 or 8 years; very likely The Senate and maybe even The House of Representatives. Are those your priorities? They certainly aren’t mine.

The delegates should seize the party that is the process of their own work. The Rules Committee should reject Solomon Yue’s Amendment to defer rules changes, and pass Kendal Unruh’s rule to reassert delegates’ right to vote their conscience. It’s been a very long time since a Republican National Convention and an election had this much at stake.


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