Cornyn Bill to Reduce Barriers for Military Members Seeking Commercial Driver’s Licenses Heads to President’s Desk

I praised the House passage of the Jobs for Our Heroes Act, a bill I authored that was championed in the House by Rep. Rob Woodall (GA-7) to reduce barriers for active-duty military, reservists, and veterans applying for Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDLs). Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video of my remarks can be found here.  More information on the legislation is here.

This bill streamlines a process by which active duty military, reservists, and veterans can apply for Commercial Driver's Licenses, and as the presiding officer knows and people may know generally, there is a shortage of people who can get a Commercial Driver's License and fill these well-paying jobs. This bill would also allow states to permanently waive license requirements for current service members and national guardsmen if they have military experience driving a comparable vehicle. 

That way, members of the military don't have to go through the same old rigmarole twice. They get trained in the military, and then they get out, and then the civilian world ignores the fact that they have trained and been qualified in the military, and this bill fixes that. I'm honored to have a broad range of bipartisan support for this legislation.

I hope with this bill signed into law, more members of our military will be able to utilize the skills they have acquired while in the military to qualify for well-paying jobs in our communities, and we continue to use our best efforts to keep faith with our veterans who have done so much for all of us.


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