Cornyn: Democrat Flip-Flops on Pompeo Send Terrible Message to Allies

Yesterday on the Senate floor, I emphasized the importance of confirming CIA Director Mike Pompeo as the next Secretary of State and highlighted Democrat hypocrisy on his nomination.  Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video of my remarks can be found here

It's time to be serious about Director Pompeo and what this nomination represents. The stakes are high and the time is short. So why is it then that some of our colleagues all of the sudden seem to have suffered from sort of a situational amnesia?

How is it that you support a nomination to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the leader of the intelligence community and agency so important to our national security interests and then turn around and say you cannot support the nominee to Secretary of State of the same person that you've just spoken so highly about?

People are practically unanimous in their praise for Mike Pompeo's conduct as director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

But the objections of our colleague from New Hampshire, and by extension her party, are not about anything substantive.

Mike Pompeo is thoughtful, careful, and has a remarkable ability to see the world through multiple lenses at once.

Nothing has changed, except for perhaps the political calculation that it's perhaps in the Democratic Party's best political interest to oppose every one of President Trump's policies and nominees because that way they stay out of trouble with their political base.

Defeating a Secretary of State nominee would be extraordinary, historically speaking, and it would send a terrible message to our friends and allies around the world.

Every Secretary of State nominee since 1925 has been reported out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee favorably.

For the ones who flip-flopped in the matter of a year on Mike Pompeo as a human being, as a public servant, and as somebody well-trained and well-prepared to be the nation's top diplomat, I just simply don't understand how they can reconcile those two polar opposite positions.


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