Cornyn Discusses Election Results, Welcomes Debate on GOP Priorities

This week on the floor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed the midterm elections and the need for Senate Republicans to have a robust discussion this week on priorities for the 118th Congress. Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s remarks are below, and video can be found here

“Like all of my colleagues, I’ve heard firsthand about the pain and frustration families have felt due to Democrat policies.”

“Their open border policies have ushered in the largest migration crisis we've ever witnessed. The epidemic of fentanyl deaths is compounded by the Biden and Democratic open border policies. Their anti-police, soft-on-crime rhetoric has harmed public safety. And their detached-from-reality energy policies have sent gas prices soaring and undermined our national security.”

“If Republicans had won the majority, these issues would have been at the top of our list, but unfortunately we came up short this time. I know many of my Republican colleagues are eager to have a frank discussion about the path forward for our party, and it's essential that we do so. We need to ensure that in two years, our policies and our message will resonate with the voters.”

“So I agree with the need to have a frank, meaningful conversation, debate even. We shouldn't be afraid of spirited debate in the United States Senate, after all. Debate about what our message should be and what our priorities should look like - that is essential.”

“Those discussions will begin tomorrow, and I hope there will be plenty of time to listen to one another and then to work toward consensus on a clear, concise, and impactful plan of action.” 

“And while there's a lot we still don't know, there are some exciting things we do know: the Senate will welcome at least five new Republicans at the start of next year. Katie Britt, Ted Budd, Markwayne Mullin, Eric Schmitt, and J.D. Vance will join the ranks of the Republican Conference.”

“Each of these individuals is coming to Washington with a fresh perspective right off the campaign trail and a long list of ideas to improve the lives of folks in their state and across America. While I'm sad to see our retiring colleagues go, I'm eager to welcome this new blood, this new energy, and these new ideas into the Senate.”


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