Cornyn Outlines GOP Wish List if Schumer Ends Filibuster

Wednesday on the floor, I discussed the Democrats’ plan to end the legislative filibuster and potential ramifications should they be successful. Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video can be found here.

“Once we head down that slippery slope, the legislative filibuster is gone. Taking over America's elections may be the first item on their agenda, but it won't be the last.”

“Power is fleeting, and at some point the shoe will always be on the other foot. The sign on Senator Schumer's door may say Majority Leader today, but that won't last forever. In a year Republicans could hold the majority in both the Senate and the House. Three years from today, we could have a Republican President-Elect. I'd like to ask my colleagues, what happens then?”

“Liberal activists may like the idea of nuking the filibuster today, but they'll soon find themselves ruing the day their party broke the Senate. The next Republican-controlled Senate could make the 2017 tax cuts permanent.”

“We could make sure that there would be investments in border security and immigration enforcement and craft reforms to reduce the immigration court backlog.”

“We could withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities and prioritize the deportation of violent criminals. We could implement a 20-week ban on abortions and ensure that any baby that survives an abortion receives lifesaving care. We could expand school choice.”

“We could pass right-to-work laws, expand natural gas production, and make even more investments in our national security.”

“When asked whether the Majority Leader would support a contested primary run against Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema, he didn't respond.”

“In the Democratic Party, if you can't vote your conscience anymore, you either have to fall in line or your colleagues will make every effort to try to kick you out.”

“It's been less than five years since 27 of our current Democratic colleagues signed a letter arguing that the filibuster should be preserved. We'll see if those colleagues and many others who have defended the filibuster end up caving to the radical left and their political base and vote to blow up the Senate.”


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