Cornyn: Senate Will Abide by Obama Doctrine and Vote on SCOTUS Nominee this Fall

Yesterday on the floor, I highlighted the standard of confirming Supreme Court Justices during mid-term election years by former President Obama.  Excerpts of my floor remarks are below, and video can be found here

While serving on the Supreme Court for the last three decades after having been appointed by President Reagan, he has furthered the pursuit of American justice one case at a time, which is exactly what judges are supposed to do.

The Senate will conduct our constitutional role of offering advice and consent on whomever President Trump nominates. As the senior senator from Connecticut said yesterday, the Senate should do nothing to artificially delay consideration of the next justice. I've heard some conflicting views among our Democratic colleagues, but I agree with the senior senator from Connecticut.

This is consistent with the standards set by former President Obama and Vice President Biden. In 2010, which was a midterm election, Senate Democrats confirmed President Obama's nominee to the court Elena Kagan. Before that, Joe Biden, when he was a senator, argued that Supreme Court nominees should not be confirmed during presidential election years.

It's crucial that as this process begins to unfold, the President's nominee not be subjected to personal attacks from an increasingly agitated and vitriolic political base.

Decisions should not be made on the basis of the judge's personal beliefs, but from the analysis of the legal doctrine and actual reading of the legal text. The President, I believe, understands that. That's sort of the model out of which Neil Gorsuch's nomination came. That's also why we confirmed so many of his excellent choices in the eighteen months of his administration. So I look forward to another outstanding selection and a thorough and efficient confirmation process. And then in the end, we'll vote to confirm the president's nominee this fall.


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