Cornyn Urges Support for Pompeo, Presses Democrats to Stop Slow-walking Cabinet Nominees

I believe that most Americans greeted the peaceful transfer of power, as reflected by the inaugural ceremonies of last Friday, with relief and welcomed a new day in the country. 

Let me first say to President Trump, and the First Lady and his family as well, as they start this journey of leading our nation, let me wish you well and let me offer my help because I believe that if President Trump succeeds, if his Administration succeeds, then there's a better chance that the country will succeed.

One obvious way all of us can support this peaceful transition of power, which is a hallmark of our democracy, is by making sure that President Trump has the counsel and advice of the men and women he's chosen to serve with him on his Cabinet.

On January 20, 2009, when President Obama was sworn into office, people on this side of the aisle weren't necessarily happy with the electoral outcome. Our preferred candidate did not win, but that didn't mean we obstructed President Obama's choice for his Cabinet.

While I'm glad we confirmed General Mattis and General Kelly on Friday, we should have voted on the nomination of Congressman Mike Pompeo to head up the Central Intelligence Agency. Well, Mike Pompeo is well-qualified for this position as CIA Director, but, unfortunately, some of our colleagues want to slow-walk his nomination.

I just want to remind our colleagues that our country continues to face incredible threats, and they are not hitting the pause button. Instead it's possible that some of our foes could try to test the resolve of President Trump and his new Cabinet during this period of transition where everybody recognizes this is a period of vulnerability.

The President needs his national security Cabinet, and particularly his CIA Director at his side, a Cabinet position integral to keeping our country safe. That's why, in my view, we must confirm Congressman Mike Pompeo as the next Director of the Central Intelligence Agency as soon as possible.

I have no doubt as director he will do all that he can to make sure that those serving in the intelligence community have the tools and the respect they need and deserve to keep America safe. So we need to get this done and to get this done without further delay.

The campaign's over. The voters have spoken, and we need to get busy governing on behalf of all the American people.


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