Courage To Save The Constitution?

In recent days, I have re-posted this link to my blog article several times. I've been animated with several posts over this Obamacare matter. But I think this one is of particularly critical note. This may be the coup de grace for our battered constitutional republic. Already groggy and disoriented, this looks like it may be the big roundhouse left hook that is the death of The Constitution. It's short and to the point.

The opposition will continue the political fight. But the touchstone of The Constitution will at last be cut loose. Obamacare is about as blatantly unconstitutional as you can get. And Chief Justice John Roberts' last-minute-devised opinion to the contrary is either a conscious abandonment of that standard or the most momentous of lies. What remains to be called unconstitutional federal action would be of relatively miniscule significance.

And restraining the jurisdiction of the federal government is precisely the reason The Constitution was written; particularly The Bill Of Rights was last added exactly to allay still remaining fears of federal appropriation of power. I still hope, though frankly not confidently, that House of Representative Republicans will hold strong to the tiny qualifications on Obamacare's administration that they have backed down to.

In the many times the government has had a bargaining confrontation facing a shutdown at renewed spending time, this is the first time that one side has basically told the other that there will be no negotiation. At last it appears they will at least tell them to their face. In another article, I called Republicans bad poker players in the deal of the century. Democrats have called their bluff and they have backed down. Why wouldn't they continue to call it? And if Republicans think they got a nasty hard stare on the Continuing Resolution, wait until they see how the debt-ceiling goes. Why should they budge?

But with Obamacare and Republican accession to it, The Constitution is gone. And whenever Republicans regain power, which is less likely as the government takes on medical slaves, they show absolutely no indication that they will have the acuity or the courage to restore constitutionality, either with medical care or generally.


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